July 3, 2016

The Doctor is Out - s07 ep08

Louisa and the Doc decide to end their counseling sessions. They need to move on so a non-date dinner is set and lists agendas are made to finalize the separation details. Unfortunately, the Doc gets tied up and can’t quite make it. Louisa is more suspicious than disappointed, though. She knows something just isn’t right. But she's also not sure that all of this hasn't made him up and run either. 

Mrs. Winton won’t take no for an answer so she calls the Doc to check on her husband’s supposedly cancerous tumor. She's loved him for a good long time she doesn't plan on giving up on him now. She'll go to any lengths to make sure he gets the care he needs: a gun, a son, a dog, and some rope—nothing is off the table to save him.

Ruth and Bert are starting a business together: it’s all about the whiskey! No one is more surprised than Al. He thinks Ruth has lost it but their business discussions will have to wait as Louisa, Penhale, Ruth, and Al are on a desperate search for a missing Doc.

A self-medicating soul mate who isn’t (currently) self-medicating, the Beast of Bodmin, military tactics (not really), stodgy shoes, and the end of normal.

Series 8 is sure to be the start of something new and unexpected. Stay tuned!

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