June 9, 2016

Facta Non Verba - s07 ep07

There’s a new resident of Portwenn. Erica is an art teacher who, along with her young daughter, moves in directly across from the Doc’s abysmal flat. She has a rather unorthodox approach to teaching art—who has time for rainbows and seascapes, anyway? Unfortunately, her first art project leaves her students traumatized. And she has other issues to worry about. Like fainting in class and letting her kid be a kid.

A transfer has been offered to PC Penhale. To the big city—or rather, Exeter. The offer leaves Joe wondering if there’s any reason to stay in this place he calls home. He’s tempted by the thrill and excitement Exeter could bring. But things were just getting thrilling and exciting in Portwenn—for completely different reasons. And a certain someone reassures him that there’s definitely a reason to stick around.

Doc and Louisa have hit a wall in their counseling sessions. But they can’t fathom the idea of giving up. Or making lists about the benefits of moving in new—and separatedirections. When Dr. Timoney suffers a slight concussion after an accident and calls them to her office for some unusual therapy, they finally know things can’t continue like this. 
And a decision is made.

Thick American accents, ‘Skin the Cat’ on the violin, assertive-receptionist-in-the-making, and an unpaid (and uninspired) handyman. We’re rounding the final turn—it’s time for action, not words.

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