March 25, 2016

Other People's Children - s07 ep06

Doc and Louisa have new homework from Dr. Timoney: Go on a date. A real date. With dinner and everything. The Doc, wasting no time on the way home from the session, asks Louisa on a date for the following night. He brings flowers to kick things off so it looks like they’re headed in the right direction. Until dinner conversation, once again, devolves into a line of questioning from the therapy session and, of course, there's the problem with....

Danny. He’s back. Still hot for Louisa. Still religious as ever. This time he’s with a group of kids from London who signed up to go camping at the new Portwenn Fishing Holidays B&B (supervised by Al and Bert, of course--nothing to worry about there). The event seems harmless but the other teacher at the school, Pippa, makes a suggestion that hits the nail on the head: Why is Danny really there? Subtlety was never his strong suit and his sanctimonious smugness rears its ugly head shortly after he arrives.

The pressure is on as Sal invites Clive to move his things upstairs right away. And she means EVERYTHING. He’s neglected her for a long time so he’s desperate to ‘perform.’ Unfortunately, things aren’t so ship-shape below deck and needs the Doc’s help. But time is of the essence and desperate times call for desperate measures. And also defibrillators.

Jealousy, thigh-highs and peas, Hep A pirates, share-it-out sharing circles, and the Danny Ick Factor. Grab your guitar, kids, cuz tensions run high on this magical day in Portwenn!

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