March 11, 2016

Education, Education, Education - s07 ep04

Doc and Louisa are at Dr. Timoney’s for another therapy session. By watching their behavior, if one didn’t know better, you’d think the Doc and Louisa just met. But their ‘homework’ proves to be an icebreaker—no matter how awkward (and boy is it awkward). Whatever it is…it’s working.

Bert’s been asked to move his camper van because there are complaints: he's ruining the 'view.' So he takes the opportunity to begin a(nother) new business venture--a still. A whiskey still. He hasn’t mentioned it to a soul. Al suspects something is up—he knows his dad better than anyone. But Bert’s not talking. He’s just breaking into his old restaurant and ‘borrowing’ a few things—things that probably wouldn’t be repossessed anyway.

Peter Cronk wants to shadow the Doc (and drive Morwenna mad in the meantime). He says he's interested in becoming a doctor--but has other ideas at the moment. He’s quite the inquisitive teenager, especially about pharmaceuticals, and little by little the Doc becomes suspicious.

And, finally, three little words: 

Clive. Is. Back.

Flirty (and unenforced) speed traps, happy depression, thumb hooks, and camper chairs. We’re rounding the halfway point so grab a few Curly Wurlys, tell your family to leave you alone, kick back and enjoy!

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