March 18, 2016

Control-Alt-Delete - s07 ep05

The Doc has had it with Buddy. He’s everywhere. Always around. Always getting in the way. In his desperation and frustration, he decides he’ll be the one to put him down. Louisa and Morwenna stop him and he agrees to drop him off at the holistic vet in town: Portwenn’s old GP Dr. Sim’s daughter, Angela. After careful examination, or after self-medicating (hard to tell), she determines that Buddy and the Doc have unfinished business—namely Buddy thinks the Doc is lonely.

Aunt Ruth informs Bert that his squatter time is up and needs to leave her property. He expected it was coming but has another angle. Bert delivers his homemade hooch to Aunt Ruth. She tries it. Likes it. And now Bert has an extra two weeks on her land—and a possible business partner.

Penhale has declared his love for Janice. Not out loud to anyone but himself, of course (or thankfully). So in an effort to woo Janice—and to show her his civilian, less intimidating side—he plans a big BBQ at his place with all the usual suspects attending: Morwenna and Al. Unfortunately, duty calls as Angela Sim has other ideas that day.

BBQ inferno, swing and a miss, Scotch Eggs on the Beach, and the end of Tishell Take-Out. Pull up your lawn chair, grab some exotic sardines and enjoy episode 5!

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