August 8, 2017

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Buckham Fair 2016 - Faye Neal Photography

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July 26, 2017

Buckham Fair

Buckham Fair
Sunday, August 20, 2017

Buckham Fair gets bigger and better every year. 
Are you heading to Beaminster this year? 
Better make your plans--it will be here before you know it!

This year's Fair will support 

Photos from Buckham Fair Website
From Buckham Fair website:

Buckham Fair is a great, old-fashioned, vintage fair that takes place in Beaminster, Dorset, every year in August to raise funds for local charities. This family day out offers all visitors a wide variety of things to see and do, whether you enjoy the funfair, or browsing through some of the best local artisan creations, indulging in some of the finest local foods from the area, taking part in some of our many horse and dog show activities, or simply watching enjoying the spectacles in our main display ring – Buckham Fair has something for everyone.

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March 17, 2017

**Heads up Doc Martin fans!!**

Buffalo Pictures is auctioning a full set of Doc Martin Series 1-7 DVDs (PAL/UK format), signed by Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz, to help raise money for a local school -- Brookland Infant School and Nursery School. 

Use the link below to place your bid! Good luck and happy bidding! (Please check page for bid close date and time.)


July 3, 2016

The Doctor is Out - s07 ep08

Louisa and the Doc decide to end their counseling sessions. They need to move on so a non-date dinner is set and lists agendas are made to finalize the separation details. Unfortunately, the Doc gets tied up and can’t quite make it. Louisa is more suspicious than disappointed, though. She knows something just isn’t right. But she's also not sure that all of this hasn't made him up and run either. 

Mrs. Winton won’t take no for an answer so she calls the Doc to check on her husband’s supposedly cancerous tumor. She's loved him for a good long time she doesn't plan on giving up on him now. She'll go to any lengths to make sure he gets the care he needs: a gun, a son, a dog, and some rope—nothing is off the table to save him.

Ruth and Bert are starting a business together: it’s all about the whiskey! No one is more surprised than Al. He thinks Ruth has lost it but their business discussions will have to wait as Louisa, Penhale, Ruth, and Al are on a desperate search for a missing Doc.

A self-medicating soul mate who isn’t (currently) self-medicating, the Beast of Bodmin, military tactics (not really), stodgy shoes, and the end of normal.

Series 8 is sure to be the start of something new and unexpected. Stay tuned!

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June 9, 2016

Facta Non Verba - s07 ep07

There’s a new resident of Portwenn. Erica is an art teacher who, along with her young daughter, moves in directly across from the Doc’s abysmal flat. She has a rather unorthodox approach to teaching art—who has time for rainbows and seascapes, anyway? Unfortunately, her first art project leaves her students traumatized. And she has other issues to worry about. Like fainting in class and letting her kid be a kid.

A transfer has been offered to PC Penhale. To the big city—or rather, Exeter. The offer leaves Joe wondering if there’s any reason to stay in this place he calls home. He’s tempted by the thrill and excitement Exeter could bring. But things were just getting thrilling and exciting in Portwenn—for completely different reasons. And a certain someone reassures him that there’s definitely a reason to stick around.

Doc and Louisa have hit a wall in their counseling sessions. But they can’t fathom the idea of giving up. Or making lists about the benefits of moving in new—and separatedirections. When Dr. Timoney suffers a slight concussion after an accident and calls them to her office for some unusual therapy, they finally know things can’t continue like this. 
And a decision is made.

Thick American accents, ‘Skin the Cat’ on the violin, assertive-receptionist-in-the-making, and an unpaid (and uninspired) handyman. We’re rounding the final turn—it’s time for action, not words.

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March 25, 2016

Other People's Children - s07 ep06

Doc and Louisa have new homework from Dr. Timoney: Go on a date. A real date. With dinner and everything. The Doc, wasting no time on the way home from the session, asks Louisa on a date for the following night. He brings flowers to kick things off so it looks like they’re headed in the right direction. Until dinner conversation, once again, devolves into a line of questioning from the therapy session and, of course, there's the problem with....

Danny. He’s back. Still hot for Louisa. Still religious as ever. This time he’s with a group of kids from London who signed up to go camping at the new Portwenn Fishing Holidays B&B (supervised by Al and Bert, of course--nothing to worry about there). The event seems harmless but the other teacher at the school, Pippa, makes a suggestion that hits the nail on the head: Why is Danny really there? Subtlety was never his strong suit and his sanctimonious smugness rears its ugly head shortly after he arrives.

The pressure is on as Sal invites Clive to move his things upstairs right away. And she means EVERYTHING. He’s neglected her for a long time so he’s desperate to ‘perform.’ Unfortunately, things aren’t so ship-shape below deck and needs the Doc’s help. But time is of the essence and desperate times call for desperate measures. And also defibrillators.

Jealousy, thigh-highs and peas, Hep A pirates, share-it-out sharing circles, and the Danny Ick Factor. Grab your guitar, kids, cuz tensions run high on this magical day in Portwenn!

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March 18, 2016

Control-Alt-Delete - s07 ep05

The Doc has had it with Buddy. He’s everywhere. Always around. Always getting in the way. In his desperation and frustration, he decides he’ll be the one to put him down. Louisa and Morwenna stop him and he agrees to drop him off at the holistic vet in town: Portwenn’s old GP Dr. Sim’s daughter, Angela. After careful examination, or after self-medicating (hard to tell), she determines that Buddy and the Doc have unfinished business—namely Buddy thinks the Doc is lonely.

Aunt Ruth informs Bert that his squatter time is up and needs to leave her property. He expected it was coming but has another angle. Bert delivers his homemade hooch to Aunt Ruth. She tries it. Likes it. And now Bert has an extra two weeks on her land—and a possible business partner.

Penhale has declared his love for Janice. Not out loud to anyone but himself, of course (or thankfully). So in an effort to woo Janice—and to show her his civilian, less intimidating side—he plans a big BBQ at his place with all the usual suspects attending: Morwenna and Al. Unfortunately, duty calls as Angela Sim has other ideas that day.

BBQ inferno, swing and a miss, Scotch Eggs on the Beach, and the end of Tishell Take-Out. Pull up your lawn chair, grab some exotic sardines and enjoy episode 5!

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March 11, 2016

Education, Education, Education - s07 ep04

Doc and Louisa are at Dr. Timoney’s for another therapy session. By watching their behavior, if one didn’t know better, you’d think the Doc and Louisa just met. But their ‘homework’ proves to be an icebreaker—no matter how awkward (and boy is it awkward). Whatever it is…it’s working.

Bert’s been asked to move his camper van because there are complaints: he's ruining the 'view.' So he takes the opportunity to begin a(nother) new business venture--a still. A whiskey still. He hasn’t mentioned it to a soul. Al suspects something is up—he knows his dad better than anyone. But Bert’s not talking. He’s just breaking into his old restaurant and ‘borrowing’ a few things—things that probably wouldn’t be repossessed anyway.

Peter Cronk wants to shadow the Doc (and drive Morwenna mad in the meantime). He says he's interested in becoming a doctor--but has other ideas at the moment. He’s quite the inquisitive teenager, especially about pharmaceuticals, and little by little the Doc becomes suspicious.

And, finally, three little words: 

Clive. Is. Back.

Flirty (and unenforced) speed traps, happy depression, thumb hooks, and camper chairs. We’re rounding the halfway point so grab a few Curly Wurlys, tell your family to leave you alone, kick back and enjoy!

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